Microservices Framework

Integrates Queue, Map and FIX to create highly testable, low latency real time microservices.

What is Chronicle Microservices Framework?

Chronicle Microservices Framework is an opinionated framework to make design, configuration and testing of event driven microservices with shorter time to market and easier to maintain. The microservices are single threaded and allow full reconstruction of internal state by message replay which allow for optimised solutions that is simple to develop and easy to troubleshoot. The Enterprise Framework provides a fully distributed high availability solution.

Why choose Chronicle Microservices Framework?

The micro services are interconnected via Chronicle Queues, which record all messages (to disk) into and out of each micro service. This also provides a low latency audit trail of processed events, reducing the need for application logging

Upon an unscheduled restart, the state of any given micro service can be re-established by re-reading old messages from the persistent queue

Each micro service can be run single threaded on a dedicated thread via Chronicle's Thread Affinity technology

High level of availability / failover - supports multi-way replication to a cluster of other host also running Chronicle Services

How does it work?

The microservices framework reduces time to market with:

Developers focusing on testing and developing the business logic

Configuring many microservices and their independencies from a single file

Data /event driven business logic testing each microservice with minimal interaction with the infrastructure, confidently adding and changing business logic

Configuring clustering and replication options

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