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Chronicle Services provides users with value added services to scope, deliver, and manage applications. The catalog includes solutions from Chronicle, and our Partners, and community.


We offer a highly skilled and experienced support unlike any other. Our team of professionals are technically adept and speak in plain English. Our annual maintenance subscriptions are bronze, silver and gold which adapt to meet the requirements of your business. Our team will help support you with:

  • Chronicle Open Source software
  • Core Java Development
  • Any commercially licensed software
  • Any number of environments, server or client.


New customers usually go through our one week workshop to get them up to speed on Chronicle and so that we can embed the Java skills within your dev team. Within the week we’d look to ensure your team gets a head start on using Chronicle Software in your most important business systems.


Working onsite with your team, we’ll look to accelerate your success with the Chronicle Java Stack. By sharing our wealth of knowledge and experience, we can help keep your project on schedule. We’ll look to build a strong working relationship and understand your technical and business issues.

Proof of Concept

Our team will work with you to scope, build and test a proof of concept to meet your specific business requirements. We’ll enable you to demonstrate to your decision makers what we’re capable of delivering and the impact it will have on your business. Proof of concept engagement typically last two months. Talk to our team today about setting up your Chronicle PoC.


Our leading and experienced Java developers and engineers can help you become a Chronicle Software and Java expert. From understanding Java Development, Event Driven Processing, right through to practical uses for Chronicle Software Stack, we can adjust the content of our courses to suit your needs. There is also an option of a mix of training and consulting.

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We can also offer you our release notes.

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