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Chronicle Senior Team

Peter Lawrey Profile Photo

Peter Lawrey

CEO & Founder

Peter has over 25 years of experience in optimising high-performance systems, including ten years in fine-tuning financial systems. He specialises in low-latency Java, designing, developing and supporting systems for hedge funds, investment banks and trading houses.

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Roger Simmons

Managing Director

Roger Simmons has over 25 years of C++ and Java coding experience, and has been working with low-latency solutions within the financial services industry for 20+ years. Prior to that he worked on the mathematical modelling and software simulation of defence systems, following a PhD in Theoretical Physics.


Rob Austin

Product Owner of Chronicle-Services

As a Java developer with more than 20 years experience, primarily on trading and pricing systems for investment banks, Rob has worked as a Java specialist for investment banks focusing on trading and performance critical pricing systems.

Jerry - Profile Photo

Jerry Shea

MD Asia Pacific

Jerry is a senior developer/architect and key influencer for both technology strategy and architecture. He has deep knowledge of Java solution design and implementation for the financial service industry.