Chronicle Map

A super-fast, in-memory, non-blocking, key-value store, designed for low-latency, and/or multi-process applications such as trading and financial market applications

For Real Time Systems

Chronicle Map provides in-memory access speeds, and supports ultra-low garbage collection. Chronicle Map can support the most demanding of applications.

Globally Used

Chronicle Map is in production at thousands of sites, banks, and hedge funds, globally. It is built and improved using lessons learned from real-world experience solving real-world problems.

Highly Concurrent

Chronicle Map supports multiple readers and writers, distributed across multiple machines.

Fast Read Queries

Chronicle Map handles millions of read queries per second, with low and stable microsecond latencies that never block each other.

Fast Write Queries

Write queries scale well up to the number of hardware execution threads in the server and allow millions of operations per second, with low and stable microsecond latencies.


Chronicle Map has a “chaos monkey” test that verifies Chronicle Map multi-master replication in the face of node and network failures. The map can optionally be persisted to disk.



Chronicle Map has been tested for heavy loads. The diagram shows benchmarks for one million concurrent reads and one million concurrent writes per second with 100 million key/value pairs and where the values are 500 bytes in size. 

Latency for One Million Concurrent Reads and Writes per Second

Knowing how our products are used allows us to focus our resources more efficiently to improve our libraries and provide better and more widely adopted solutions for the community.

Delivers Value for Companies Worldwide

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Get Started Today

Chronicle Map is available open source, so why not get started right away? Follow the Quick Start link below to get set up in minutes.