Chronicle is the company behind the Chronicle Software Stack, the low-latency software for the financial services industry


“Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.”

Antoine de Saint-Exupery


At Chronicle Software, we work with our clients to co-develop bespoke, low-latency/high throughput automated trading execution systems using microservices architecture and our own methodologies. Chronicle solutions offer the best of both buy and build allowing you to build a bespoke solution using production-proven software, the microservices architecture allows users to instantly deploy core trading infrastructure, reducing a multi-year build to a matter of months. Our core design principles are built around ensuring that client infrastructure operates efficiently even in the most turbulent and volatile times.

We have built on our hugely popular open-source libraries to create a suite of Enterprise products that can help to supercharge the development of your low latency, high throughput trading applications To find out more please contact us at

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What People are Saying

"ChronicleMap is a really great project. I use it for off-heap storage, it incredibly increases performance"


AbnomX Founder - Immunoinformatics Consultant at AbnomX

"The Chronicle libraries allowed us to increase the throughput of the application ten-fold while reducing the memory requirement an order of magnitude"

ATTILA-MIHALY BALAZS, Senior Software Engineer


"Using this solution we were able to avoid the latency that TCP/IP had when using Redis. This latency really made the difference when processing Big Data."


Shine Solutions

"I am an admirer of all things Chronicle. Can honestly say, ChronicleQueue changed my entire perspective."


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