Join 8 out of 11 Investment Banks

How we became trusted partners for 8 out of the top 11 investment banks

Our commitment to cutting-edge Enabling Technology for high-performance trading systems, implemented in investment banks, hedge funds, and exchanges, has not only defined our journey but it has transformed how the world’s largest full-service investment banks operate.

We’re excited to share how our unique approach, deeply rooted in collaboration and learning, has earned us the trust of 8 of the largest 11 investment banks in the world

Chronicle approach

1. Transforming Clients into Experts: Our Knowledge Transfer Philosophy

Underpinning our entire client engagement is the effective knowledge transfer of best practices. 

We empower clients to build and maintain their own trading systems reliably, easily and quickly by:

  • Providing the infrastructure that works around the code we co-build and test with clients. 
  • Our infrastructure illustrates independent deployability, with clear contracts between each component, ensuring clients understand how to run and maintain their system through deterministic testing. 
  • This optimises performance, simplifies maintenance, and reduces accidental complexity by addressing major challenges upfront.

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Our ultimate goal? Clients succeeding without needing us daily within three months of going into production.

2. Crafting Maintainable High-Performance Applications

We focus on business-driven development by creating systems that are driven by clients’ specific business needs. This approach ensures automated verification leading to only necessary developer actions.

We go faster by doing less:

  • Our workshops are created with accessibility and ease in mind by simplifying business logic with a low-code sandbox (~ 12k lines of code), abstracting it from infrastructure complexities. 
  • We employ a no-code approach for data-driven testing (~ 80% generated), enabling easy test case design and execution.
  • We offer a simpler solution that will satisfy clients’ latency, throughput and scalability requirements.

We deeply understand the trade-off between efficiency and maintainability and have developed proven strategies to make applications as intuitive and maintainable as possible.

For example, the diagram below shows Chronicle FIX with consistent latencies well into the 99.99%

Matching engine latencies

We optimise performance where necessary, but always with a keen eye on practicality. Our approach isn’t just about solving problems; it’s about enjoying the journey of innovation and continuous improvement. See StoneX Case Study.

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3. World Leading with Open-Source Products

We have a suite of world-class and widely tested open-source products, including Chronicle Queue, that are at the forefront of tackling low-latency and observability challenges in microservices.

These products are downloaded from over 250K different IP addresses monthly* and used in over 80% of banks and major financial institutions globally.

These are more than tools; they reflect our commitment to knowledge sharing and collaboration. Thanks to our open-source beginnings, many of our clients are familiar with the quality of our products before they officially become our partners.

Chronicle by numbers

4. Best Practice from Decades of Financial Technology Experience

Each Chronicle product expert has over three decades of experience building trading systems in the finance sector, bringing unmatched depth to the understanding and resolution of complex performance issues.

Based on decades of experience, our experts have built best practices that solve all the hardest problems upfront so that going into production is an anti-climax. See Tier 1 Bank Case Study.

Despite the focus on speed, we prioritise maintainability and ensure clarity within our systems. This is achieved by: 

  • Maintaining simplicity – despite initial effort for developers, this is required to achieve optimal system performance.
  • Embedding readability – code is transparent and comprehensible to perform only necessary tasks linked to business needs.
  • Our libraries are designed for portability and run seamlessly on MacOS, Windows, and Linux environments.
  • We emphasise modularity and testability to guarantee that each component operates only as required, enhancing the overall reliability and effectiveness of systems.

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At Chronicle Software, we’re not merely building state-of-the-art low-latency software; we’re forging enduring relationships and cultivating expertise that stands resilient through time. Each client’s journey with us is a vivid story of shared passion, continuous learning, and genuine enjoyment. Together, we craft experiences that embody excellence and kindness, allowing us to thrive through a collaborative spirit. 

We invite you to join us on this journey as we collectively redefine what’s possible in finance technology.

Chronicle Software

Over one trillion dollars per minute are handled via Chronicle's technology platform. We are trusted to deliver exceptional performance, minimal time to market, and optimal developer efficiency.

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