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To achieve low and predictable latency, it is crucial to fine-tune the application to its environment. Leveraging our decades of experience in OS tuning, we have distilled these insights into a product that can help you optimize your system for maximum performance.

Chronicle Tune is software that automatically configures your OS for optimal performance based on our knowledge and expertise.

"With Chronicle Tune, you can easily apply tuning to your servers which will immediately improve latency and reduce jitter."

- Jerry Shea, MD AsiaPac


Experience Immediate Jitter Reduction

Chronicle Tune was developed with a deep understanding of the complexities involved in OS tuning, and gives improved performance through configuration and CPU isolation. Our software incorporates established best practices and innovative solutions.

Chronicle Tune is straightforward to install and configure on bare metal hosts, or in the cloud, and delivers immediate improvements in latency, throughput, and jitter. You can measure these enhancements using your own or our benchmarking suite.

Queue C++, 2M x 256 bytes @ 100k msgs/s

The Challenges of OS Tuning: Explained

The Tuning Landscape is Complex

Modern production environments have a vast number of hardware and software hooks that can be adjusted - many of which impact latency and throughput.

The optimal settings for such a system are hidden from view in a multidimensional search space. To traverse it efficiently requires an understanding of the tuning landscape and tools and strategies to make sensible changes. Chronicle Tune facilitates fine-grained CPU management to hit the low-latency sweet spots and improve performance.

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Java Threads are Difficult to Tame

Java processes are inherently difficult to manage, as even a single-threaded application, can spawn 16 auxiliary threads. When and how these threads are scheduled is critical to minimize jitter.

With Chronicle Tune, you keep the option of fine control over every critical thread of your application, helping to ensure an application stack utilises available CPU resources with the best efficiency. . Chronicle Tune facilitates optimal process placement and control, helping to ensure fewer and shorter interrupts. Moreover it allows threads to be dynamically migrated.


Avoid the Shortcomings of Linux Built-in Tools

The Linux kernel has two built-in tools for CPU isolation; isolcpus and cgroups. Both provide excellent isolation but are limited in flexibility and thus force undesirable trade-offs that are difficult to manage. 

Our solution provides the same level of isolation without the inherent downsides. Chronicle Tune is equipped to:

  • Dedicate CPU cores for low-latency, low-jitter tasks.
  • Schedule threads independent of their processes.
  • Dynamically change the thread isolation configuration during runtime.
  • Efficiently manage the Interrupt Queue.
  • Perform whole-system optimisations, targeting SSD, disk, memory, and networks.
Feature Chronicle Tune isolcpus cgroups
Level of Isolation High Very High High
Runtime reconfiguration Yes No Yes
Supports standard calls Yes Yes Partly
Independent threads Yes Yes Some Versions
Respects taskset ranges Yes No Yes
IRQ management Yes No No
Kernel parameter controls Yes No No
All-in-one config Yes No No


Get Hands-on Assistance

Note that you can utilize our software straight out of the box without requiring any consulting services. However, if you require any assistance with tuning concerns, our team of low-latency experts is available to help you with anything from minor support issues to a full-scale investigation.

Our comprehensive approach starts with an evaluation of your technology stack. We utilise a benchmark suite to collect configuration and low-level performance metrics of Linux hosts, which will provide an indication of application performance before and after the tuning. This is followed by a series of iterative improvements that are proven to deliver results.

steps in consultancy process

Chronicle Tune

The technical report about Chronicle Tune offers a comprehensive analysis of its benefits, including its superior flexibility and user-friendliness compared to isolcpus and cgroups. Additionally, the paper features practical examples to assist with installation, configuration, and usage.

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