Chronicle provides simple solutions to complex problems

Low-latency trading software, high-performance Java and C++ software for the financial services industry

Use Cases

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EFX Use Case

A leading Tier 1 FX trading operation was using an FX pricing and trading solution that was limiting the business opportunity .

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Equity Use Case

A large global bank approached Chronicle Software as they wanted to optimize performance within their Equity Trading Group.

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Cryptocurrency Use Case

A leading Asian Financial Firm were looking to launch a next generation Cryptocurrency exchange featuring low latency and high throughput.

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Performance Tuning Use Case

A Tier 1 Bank had issues with latencies within their Equity Trading system and required performance tuning to improve the longest delays in their order management systems.

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Our partners

We partner with some of the industry's most trusted brands

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Access the Chronicle Stack

We're proud to be an open source company and serve global enterprises.


At Chronicle we have a reputation for delivering dynamic, profitable solutions for our clients, using our unique services framework to efficiently build and deploy microservices. Our clients leverage our low latency trading software to develop around existing infrastructure ensuring a highly performant solution with a low technical impact. 


We offer a wide range of low-latency trading software in both Java and C++ which supports development team building a custom low latency solution without the overhead and additional project risk of developing it all internally

Open Source

Chronicle Open Source libraries have been downloaded millions of times and are used across multiple applications within multiple industries worldwide, these include payment processing, AI solutions, software research etc.

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