Low-Latency Platform

Enabling Technology for Trading Systems

Billions of dollars a day are handled via Chronicle's technology platform. We are trusted to deliver exceptional performance with minimal time to market, whilst optimising developer efficiency. Build it Fast, Quickly and Safely.

Redundant, Distributed Low-Latency Platform

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Chronicle FIX

The fastest Java FIX Engine on the market with microseconds latency. Trusted by top-tier banks and funds with thousands of deployed sessions globally.

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Data Processing

Chronicle Queue Enterprise

Persisted messaging framework that handles massive throughput. Delivers superior control of outliers, and replicates easily across hosts.

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Event-Driven Apps/ Microservices

Chronicle Services

A framework for event-driven architecture that makes it easy to build, test and maintain microservices or monoliths, locally or in the cloud.

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60 million

open source downloads per year


of the world's top 100 banks use Chronicle Software


yearly users globally

What our Customers Say

"Chronicle FIX handles billions of price ticks per week, delivers consistent low latency, and never misses a beat"

Head of EFX, ANZ

"I am an admirer of all things Chronicle, can honestly say, Chronicle Queue changed my entire perspective"


"Using this solution really made the difference when processing Big Data"

Shine Solutions

"Chronicle helped us design latency sensitive, deterministic, testable components that we will be using for years to come.”"

-Jeffrey Gomberg
Head of Electronic Trading, StoneX Markets LLC

"Chronicle increased throughput ten-fold while reducing memory requirement by an order of magnitude"

Senior Software Engineer, Qiagen


Production Hardened Software

Our software is deployed in some of the world’s largest banks as a core trading technology, proving it is ready to meet the most stringent requirements.

Reliable Performance

The products deliver microsecond latencies, not just on average - across all percentiles. This puts fewer limitations on the complexity of your business logic.

Increased Availability

Enterprise-grade data replication helps minimize downtime for critical applications to avoid any missed opportunities.

Ready for the Cloud

Deploy your application wherever best suits you - on a local server or in the cloud.

Complete Control of the Code

All customers get access to the Java source code - leaving you in complete control over your environment with the freedom to continually optimise your trading workflows.

Get Help from Our Experts

Our development and support teams have decades of experience working within the financial markets industry. They are ready to help with your biggest challenges.

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8 out of 11 Investment Banks

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Data Driven Testing of Chronicle Services

Chronicle Services testing follows the guidelines of Behaviour Driven Development (BDD). In this article we will examine the Chronicle Services testing framework in more detail.

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