Chronicle Queue Enterprise

With millions of users worldwide, Chronicle Queue is a leading choice for organisations of all sizes seeking a low-latency, high-performance messaging framework.

The Chronicle Queue Enterprise version eliminates compatibility issues and seamlessly integrates and shares data between different language libraries Java, Rust, Python and C++, empowering you to build robust, flexible, and scalable queue messaging systems like never before.

Multilanguage Support

Chronicle Queue is available as a fully native Java, Rust or C++ library, and also supports a Python API. All versions are fully binary compatible.


Eliminate Compatibility Issues

  • Build your queue messaging system with the flexibility to use Java, Python, C++, or Rust and leverage the strengths of each.
  • Ensure efficient interoperability whilst minimising development time and enhancing system performance.
  • Chronicle Queue supports throughputs of millions of events per second, with stable, sub microsecond latencies.  
  • Compared against Chronicle’s original open-source Java Queue, the C++ and Rust variants show lower latencies and tighter jitter, with Python queue a little higher reflecting the fact that it is an interpreted language.
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Explore new languages


Rust is a rapidly growing systems programming language focusing on safety, speed, and concurrency, and seeing a surge in popularity across many industries.


Build the Python version of Chronicle Queue built directly on C++ version of Queue, which is binary compatible with the Java version, allowing interoperability between versions.


Get started with Chronicle Queue, using C++. This includes everything from how to write to and read from a Chronicle Queue, to configuring and using Queue. 

100 million

Events handled per minute

~500 ns

Write to Read Latency at 99.999%

Trusted by Top-Tier Financial Institutions


Queue Open Source vs Queue Enterprise

Feature Open Source Enterprise
Low Latency Yes Yes
Replay Strategies Yes Yes
TCP/IP Replication No Yes
Expert Support No Yes
Timezone Rolling No Yes
Further Latency Optimisations No Yes
What's Next?

Product Roadmap Event

If you want to learn more about how Chronicle Queue Enterprise works, how it can be integrated, and how it can benefit you, why not join our in-person Roadmap Event?

Learn more here and register your interest.

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