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EFX Microservices

This is a multi asset trading system based on Chronicle Microservices framework and utilises Chronicle Queue for low latency interprocess communication. The EFX Microservices contains several “off the shelf” components including hedgers, pricer, risk calculation etc. to provide a bespoke solution that offers the best combination of buy and build.
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Microservices Framework

Chronicle Microservices Framework is an opinionated framework to make design, configuration and testing of event driven microservices with shorter time to market and easier to maintain. The microservices are single threaded and allow full reconstruction of internal state by message replay which allow for optimised solutions that are simple to develop and easy to troubleshoot. The Enterprise Framework provides a fully distributed high availability solution.
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Datagrid Enterprise

Datagrid Enterprise is a high performance, low latency, access gateway library. It can be used to control and manage access to your data and your services across a cluster of machines. In microservices terms, it is an API Gateway. Chronicle Datagrid runs embedded as an existing system, and as a container for the most performance critical part of your server application.
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Map Enterprise

Chronicle Map works like a standard java map yet it automatically distributes data between processes, these processes can be both on the same server or across your network. In other words it's a low latency, huge data key-value store, which can store terabytes of data locally to your process. Chronicle Map Enterprise offers replication across multiple servers which is essential for distributed architecture if you need to spread your processing across multiple machines and achieve a high level of HA.
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Queue Enterprise

Chronicle Queue is a memory mapped file that is used for low latency interprocess communication (IPC) without affecting the performance of your system, this is particularly useful when large amounts of data need to be moved between processes quickly all of this is done off heap so there is no Garbage Collection. Chronicle Queue Enterprise provides TCP Replication across the network providing low latency resilience and failover.
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FIX Enterprise

Built on our Chronicle libraries, and with the Chronicle philosophy. Chronicle FIX Engine employs amongst others, the principles of Zero-copy eliminating unnecessary garbage collection and increased speed. Runtime code generation that reduces code size for efficient CPU cache usage and increased speed. Smart ordering for optimal parsing and you guessed it increased speed. All these combine to allow Chronicle FIX Engine to achieve excellent performance results.

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