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8th Feb 2021

We have just closed the books for the last financial year which proved to be overall a very successful year for Chronicle, we signed up several new clients globally and were particularly successful in Asia securing an FX Trading platform for a major regional bank and a global FIX contract with a Tier 1 bank out of Asia. This has allowed us to take an overall look at the business and concentrate on the areas where we believe we can bring most value to our existing clients both enterprise and open source.  In 2021 our main focus is going to be around

  • Microservices- One of our main proposition has always been around offering low latency microservices to be used within trading applications, this has been shown to provide both improved time to market and speedy ROI. We are now working on making it easier for organisations to deploy these microservices as a way to break up their current monolithic infrastructure
  • Cloud- Leading on from the helping clients breaking down their current infrastructure into Microservices we are also developing tools to ensure seamless migration of these into the Cloud
  • Integration- We are looking to provide “off the shelf” integration of both our open source and Enterprise Queue with 3rd party applications to allow users to get enhanced benefits with using the Queue across the enterprise, we are also exploring a Python and C# version of the Queue to provide integration and interoperability between applications

As part of our  integration strategy we are pleased to announce that we have  completed anintegration project in partnership with AquaQ, ( The integration enables users of Chronicle Queue to not only transport and cache data rapidly between processes, but also to push data into kdb+, delivering ultra-low latency data flow and high-volume storage, whilst ensuring no data loss. We see this project as a first step of an ongoing partnership with AquaQ to help develop and deliver combined offerings.

Peter will be hosted a webinar on the 25th February at 9am to provide more details on our plans and also soliciting feedback on other developments that may prove useful. Please register here


Chronicle Services Framework allows users to quickly build and test Microservices within their own infrastructure to help with development we have been building and improving our examples and we now have several well documented and usable examples to help with developing a low latency microservices architecture, these examples include:-

Building a web page displaying resultant market data from multiple services

Using Chronicle Microservices within Docker

Hub-Spoke architecture using Microservices


For more information about Chronicle Services please contact us at

Andrew Twigg

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