Chronicle Update November 2020

We are pleased to extend our partnership with 3Forge who are a leading provider of visualisation and analytical tools. Previous joint developments include a project around visualising and optimising both the Open Source and Enterprise version of Queue to leverage more details and a replay of the webinar can be found here

We are now working closely with 3Forge to develop a GUI and dashboard for Chronicle FIX which will allow users to visualise and optimise the Chronicle FIX Engine and provide much greater control and understanding of the multiple FIX connections. To launch this enhanced capability we are holding a joint webinar on 19th November 4PM GMT/11AM EST during the webinar Peter Lawrey Chronicle CEO and Robert Cooke 3Forge CTO will discuss the co-operation and also demonstrate the new capabilities, if you wish to attend please register here

Technical Update

Chronicles main design principles are based around microservices and we have been doing a lot of development work around improving the performance of our microservices and optimising the architecture, one of the ways we have looked at this is by producing a hub and spoke example

In a standard microservices architecture the  producing and consuming services need to know about each other.

However, in some cases, it is desirable that a producing service (a.k.a. a hub) can operate independently of the number and type of consuming services (a.k.a. spokes). For example, when new instances of a consuming service are added or removed or when completely new types of consuming services are added. The benefit of this is that it provides a very flexible infrastructure and you don’t have to reconfigure the host every time a spoke is added.

An example where this could be used is the hub being a Market Data Adaptor and the spokes being things such as a pricing engines, a hedger etc.

In Chronicle Services, this can be achieved by replicating a producer’s out-queue to one or more consuming services’ in-queues as depicted below:

Examples of the hub spoke architecture plus many more are available in our demo repositories to get access please contact

Andrew Twigg

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