Chronicle Update April 2020

Commercial Update

At Chronicle we have great experience in working remotely and also supporting our existing client base using our distributed team of developers, the current recommended changes in global working practice has been business as usual. One thing we encourage our prospective clients to do is to have an initial workshop this normally allows a level of knowledge transfer plus an initial solution design and this has helped cut project development times quite dramatically, in the past these have been done either onsite or virtually.

We are still running virtual workshops and these can be done via video or as a peer programming exercise involving code sharing and joint development to help develop and optimise your infrastructure. If you would like to find out more about these options please contact

Technical Update

One of the major drivers at Chronicle Software is the constant push to remove latency from technology stack , this involves constant analysis and work on all aspects that can add latency. One area we have recently been concentrating on is optimizing the Chronicle network latency that underpins Chronicle Queue open source and also our Enterprise suite of products and this work has achieved over a 60% improvement over standard Java TCP/IP network library.

We ran some benchmarks for 5 concurrent clients sending 256 byte messages with varying amounts of messages per run. The results below are with Onload Enabled on a Solarflare card

More details can be found at

Support Update

We have recently upgraded our Linkedin group Chronicle Performance Engineers , this will now be the place for registered members to pick up exclusive content from Peter and the other members of Chronicle Technical team, plus seek help and support from the Chronicle team and our users please register at

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