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High performance, low latency solutions available globally at AWS Marketplace

London, Sydney, Singapore – June 25, 2024

Chronicle Software is delighted to announce its accreditation as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) PartnerAs an AWS Partner, users can access certain Chronicle services directly through the AWS Marketplace. Following a diligent functional technical review by AWS, the first of these, Chronicle Tune, is available from today to be licensed directly from the AWS Marketplace. 

Chronicle’s cloud-based solution optimises operational performance for traditional financial markets participants including banks, hedge funds and trading venues, as well as new digital asset (crypto) exchanges and venues operating ‘in the cloud’. Beyond financial markets trading applications, it benefits all industry sectors and segments subject to low latency data exchange performance drivers.

Modern production environments have a vast number of hardware and software hooks that may impact latency and throughput. Built on our decades of experience meeting the rigorous data exchange latency demands of global financial markets participants, institutional-grade Chronicle Tune software enables IT and infrastructure teams to fine-tune applications within any operating environment to achieve low and predictable latency and achieve optimal performance. 

Reflecting Chronicle’s deep understanding of the complexities involved in OS tuning, Chronicle Tune delivers immediate improvements in latency, throughput and jitter. Incorporating established best practices and innovative software solutions, Tune is easy to install and configure – both in the cloud and on bare metal hosts – maximising performance. Significant, immediate and continuing performance improvements can be measured with an accompanying benchmarking suite. Tune users will also benefit from continuous service enhancements and upgrades.

Peter Lawrey, Chronicle Founder and CEO said: “Chronicle’s commitment to Enabling Technology already transforms the business operations of world’s largest investment banks. Today, 8 of the top 11 investment banks, exchanges, hedge funds and crypto trading firms are using our high performance, low-latency solutions to improve their trading efficiency.  

“Chronicle Tune enables other industry segments and businesses to benefit from our proven software expertise and institutional-grade service delivery to enhance their own business performance. We are delighted to be a certified AWS Partner and to be able to leverage its global presence and reach to bring our services and solutions to a broader and deeper audience.”

In the coming months, Chronicle will add further services and products to the AWS Marketplace, including Chronicle FIX, its world-leading, microsecond latency, multi-asset FIX engine already trusted by top tier banks, exchanges and hedge funds for enhanced performance and efficiency of the most demanding trading applications.

About Chronicle

Chronicle Software works with clients to co-develop bespoke, low-latency/high throughput automated trading execution systems using microservices architecture and proprietary methodologies. Today, 8 of the top 11 investment banks, exchanges, hedge funds, and crypto trading firms are using Chronicle’s high performance, low-latency solutions to improve trading efficiency. 

Chronicle solutions offer the best of “buy and build” enabling bespoke solutions to be bui;t using production-proven software. Microservices architecture allows users to instantly deploy core trading infrastructure, reducing a multi-year build to a matter of months. Core design principles are built around ensuring that client infrastructure operates efficiently even in the most turbulent and volatile times. Popular open-source libraries create a suite of Enterprise products that help to supercharge the development of low latency, high throughput trading applications.

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Over one trillion dollars per minute are handled via Chronicle's technology platform. We are trusted to deliver exceptional performance, minimal time to market, and optimal developer efficiency.

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