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In the last 12 months we have secured many new clients for our low latency java based FIX Engine this clients including a global rollout for a Tier 1 Bank, several major brokers particularly in North America and a large Stock Exchange. This growth in clients has also led to some significant new enhancements of the FIX Engine

 Load balancer and Router

The Load Balancer acts as a low-latency, lightweight FIX engine, which inspects incoming messages and routes onwards to a cluster of downstream FIX engines according to a set of configured rules. Individual messages for an incoming session are handled completely independently and may be routed to separate downstream FIX engines where configured. In addition, the Load Balancer supports drop copying of Execution Report  messages to multiple recipient sessions.

The main function of the FIX Load Balancer and Router is to direct incoming FIX traffic to downstream FIX Engines based on comparing the content of received messages against a set of configured rules, giving clients the opportunity to efficiently optimise the FIX Engines within their organisation

chronicle FIX

Chronicle FIX Gui

We are currently in the process of developing a GUI for our FIX Engine and  is primarily for use within operations to provide FIX functionality and server management, the GUI will deliver the ability to add, delete and dynamically update FIX sessions, plus users will be able to search for historic FIX messages. As a first release of the GUI we can now provide a static FIX Parser and this is available at

FIX parser

For more advanced GUI requirements we have off the shelf integration with 3Forge or Splunk

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Benchmarking and Extensions

As with every one of our products a Chronicle we have continued to tune our FIX Engine and improve performance, this performance has helped us secure new business as Chronicle FIX is put head to head with other FIX providers. Details of some of our recent benchmarks can be found here Benchmarks – Chronicle Software

We also continue to expand our range of off the shelf integrations we currently have support for Refinitiv SBE, EBS Live and ITCH plus we are developing several new ones including CME Globex

To find out more about Chronicle FIX please contact us at

Further details can be found here

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