Chronicle Update November 2018

Welcome to our newsletter giving you an update on Chronicle Software. We provide professional services and world-leading java libraries to enhance automated trading capabilities for a multitude of global financial services organizations.

Commercial Update

We are engaging with a lot more prospects who are using established FIX engines but are now feeling increasingly frustrated by the inflexibility of their current solution. The discontent stems from 2 major areas :-

1)     Commercial- Clients tell us that one of the major problems is message based pricing which whilst being very attractive to start with, it rapidly becomes very limiting and expensive for a business giving little opportunity or incentive to scale.


2)     Technical- Many FIX Engine providers simply provide off the shelf solutions that potentially may not fit the client needs so clients have to adjust their processes around the product rather than utilizing a fully bespoke solution to fit their needs now and in the future.

The Chronicle FIX Engine is a solution that provides clients with the full source code allowing a high level of customization and the ability to ensure the solution fits in with their business processes. Commercially the FIX engine is a single once off price which ensures certainty as your business grows.

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Technical Updates

Chronicle Market Data Distributor is a library for building tailored shared memory data structures which can provide consistently low latency distribution of data, such as market data, between processes on a single host in pure Java.

NOTE: This chart is in nano

The chart is in nano-seconds. Latency from writer to the reader can be below one microsecond 99.9% of the time depending on usage. This doesn’t include the cost of serialization, which is important to optimise in any solution.

Support Update

We have expanded our support offering that enables us to offer skilled and experienced support for all our open source software, this support will provide that peace of mind that you are always able to talk to an expert in the event of any outage saving both time and money

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