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Buy and Build Low Latency Trading Systems with Chronicle Microservices
EFX Trading Platform: Global Tier 1 bank Significantly Enhances FX Automated Trading Business
Tier 1 US Investment Bank overhauls Equity DMA Solution providing increased execution efficiency

Chronicle Platform

Chronicle EFX Microservices
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Chronicle Queue provides exceptionally low latency Inter Process Communication(IPC) plus persisting every single event to file.


Chronicle Map is a high performance, off heap, key value, in memory persisted data store with full replication across a network.


Chronicle Datagrid is a high performance low latency gateway which is used to control access to data and services across a cluster of machines.

Chronicle Platform combines low latency messaging infrastructure with key trading microservices to  accelerate time to market  and  significantly reduce  the complexity of developing and testing high performance low latency trading applications. Our Enterprise products have  open source code access providing the best of buy and build, delivering the core trading microservices infrastructure which allows your team to focus  on the  unique IP that differentiates your solution, whilst retaining complete control over all aspects of the solution.

Why Chronicle

24 million

Chronicle Software open source is downloaded on average 24 Million times per year


80% of the Top 100 banks in the world use Chronicle Software


Chronicle Software has over 250,000 users globally

Trusted by some of the world's largest financial institutions globally

Chronicle Open Source

Chronicle Open Source is the most widely used open source libraries for Low Latency Java developers. The open source suite include Chronicle Queue and Chronicle Map for developers who do not require the added enterprise capabilities of distributed high availability and C++ interoperability

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