Chronicle Queue

Persisted Queue, fast enough to record everything.

Chronicle Map

In Memory Key-Value store, Persisted, Embedded, Shared

Chronicle FIX

Chronicle FIX is a fully featured FIX Engine which can handle all flavours of FIX.

Chronicle Engine

High Performance, Low Latency, Reactive Processing Framework

Process Millions of Operations per Second

We lift the performance restrictions, on how you design, manage, and monitor your systems.

We strive to offer the best performance possible, and focus on microsecond latencies on a single thread.


FeatureOpen SourceEnterprise
Off-heap Data Structures (Map, Set, Queue)
Distributed Data Structures (Map, Set, Queue)
WAN Replication (Map, Set, Queue)
Distributed Transactions
Enhanced Latency Controls
Secure Connections
WAN Data distribution Optimisation
Replication Over Compressed Connections
Bandwidth Usage Controls
Enhanced Clustering Support
Management and Monitoring GUI


Chronicle has been designed to support data sharing between processes on the same machine, in the fastest way possible with minimal latency. It is suitable for ultra-low latency solutions, around a microsecond, and high throughput systems, in the tens of millions of events/operations per second.

All data is persisted to ensure full resilience, and to allow for playback. Disaster recovery and failover are fully handled with built-in replication in the enterprise edition.


Chronicle provides a simple easy-to-use Java library, which acts like java.util Map & Queue. Unlike Map and Queue, these collections are shared between your processes, so a value written to one process is immediately available on the other. Programming Chronicle is just as easy as programming with the standard java libraries.

Scalability & Resilience

Chronicle has built in resilience with no single point of failure; it will seamlessly recover without any data loss.

Chronicle provides an enterprise-distributed shared-memory processing grid. It scales both linearly and vertically, with blisteringly fast performance.

Chronicle is designed to be as fast as possible on a single node.  Vertical scalability reduces your latency, while horizontal scalability increases your throughput.  Ideally, you want both these. Using Chronicle you will need less nodes in your system.



Chronicle offers outstanding performance with very fast inter-process communication (IPC), it is able to share state changes between processes in around 40 nanoseconds.  Moving to Chronicle will not only give you the huge performance benefits, but it also reduces your budget requirements, and frees up computer resource to add functionality.

Open Source

Chronicle is an open source software product which is available under the Apache 2 license. It is an established project that has been active since 2011.

Try Chronicle

Free, or with Professional Support



Chronicle is a set of open source projects. The best way to get Chronicle is to download the released artefacts from Maven Central. Alternatively, the source code is available on GitHub: ChronicleMap,  ChronicleQueue or ChronicleLogger.

Professional Support

We can help you get Chronicle up and running in your organisation. We suggest you invite us in for consultancy, charged on an agreed bespoke basis, when we can help discuss the best options tailored to your individual requirements.  Contact Us