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Tutorial | MethodWriter and MethodReader Example

In this video, we look at a simple example of using a MethodWriter and MethodReader to write to, and then read from a queue.

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Webinar | How To Design Low-Latency Microservices

Webinar on designing, building and testing low-latency microservices.

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Webinar | Interfacing Chronicle Queue and Kdb+

Peter Lawrey and Mark Friel of AquaQ discuss the interface from Chronicle Queue into Kdb+    

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Webinar | FinTech Focus TV: Peter Lawrey

FinTech Focus TV episode with Peter Lawrey, CEO at Chronicle Software

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Webinar | Benchmarking Low Latency Microservices

Benchmarking Low Latency Microservices with Chronicle Queue

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Conference | The Principles of Low Latency Microservices

Peter Lawrey, presents an interesting talk on “Low Latency Microservices” at the Melbourne JVM . In this talk we explore how Microservices and Trading System overlap and what they can…

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Webinar | Writing Low Latency Microservices

Webinar on designing and testing low latency microservices in Java with Peter Lawrey.

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Conference | Building Low Latency Microservices

Peter Lawrey, presents at the 2016 Goto in Chicago . The presentation begins around the concepts of meeting low latency trading requirements without using a monolithic infrastructure, Peter discusses how…

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Webinar | How to Future Proof your FIX Strategy

Webinar on how to future-proof your FIX strategy with 3forge and Chronicle Software.

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Webinar | Low Latency/High Throughput Messaging

Webinar on the future of low-latency/ high throughput messaging.

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Tutorial | Breaking a Codeblock in Java

Tutorial on breaking out of a code block with Peter Lawrey.

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Tutorial | Decentred Performance Example

Simple benchmark demo of a wallet that you are taking money from. Demonstrating throughput.

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