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Chronicle Queue Enterprise Ring Buffer

Chronicle Ring Buffer acts as a Chronicle Queue reducing the jitter between the writer and reader by as much as 100 fold on the 99.99 percentile.

What is Chronicle Queue Enterprise Ring Buffer?

It is a circular bounded buffer that works with off-heap memory, it allows you to read and write between processes.  In addition it is also able to persist the data that is in the Ring Buffer to disc, with very little performance overhead.  

The Chronicle Ring Buffer can be used as a stand alone produce or with Chronicle Queue.    

Chronicle Queue, unlike the Ring Buffer, persists every message. When used with Chronicle Queue the Ring Buffer is used as a high speed cache to the Chronicle Queue to reduce jitter in the high percentiles. 

Why Choose Chronicle Ring Buffer

  • Chronicle ring buffer is a super light weight way of distributing messages between processes.
  • Using the ring buffer helps reduce page cache eviction.
  • It can be backed by a memory mapped file to provide a low latency way of transferring messages between processes on the same machine.
  • supports 1 or more readers on a number of different threads ( or processes )
  • for the fastest use cases it supports tmpFS to provide a full memory backed solution.

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