Chronicle Microservices built specifically for the financial services industry

A set of fully configurable, customisable modules



Bookbuilder consumes market data from multiple sources and calculates and produces market depth ladders at both aggregated and per-venue levels.

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PositionManager creates multi-level, hierarchical book positions from trade data, and calculates associated risk metrics.

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Pricer provides extensible price construction capability, with support for multiple proprietary pricing algorithms, input sources and events.

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Hedger provides an extensible auto-hedging capability. Clients can use Chronicle’s own basic hedgers out of the box or embed their own proprietary hedging algorithms within the Hedger framework.

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MarketGateKeeper manages the trading system’s interface to the outside world, enabling full and direct client control of outgoing orders via a multi-level configurable firewall, and full control of outgoing order parameters as well as “kill switch” functionality. 

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MarketGateway enables direct market connectivity based on our own high-performance, full-featured Chronicle FIX engine – built for pure speed.

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Chronicle Microservices built for the financial services industry

The Chronicle Microservices modules can be deployed either as individual microservices, linked together with Chronicle Queues, or co-located within the same process.  All of the Chronicle Microservices modules have been built using the Chronicle software stack, providing:

  • Low latency and high-performance Java, with microsecond per message latency, and a throughput of 100k messages per second.
  • High availability and resilience - multiple components on multiple machines are supported with transparent replication*.
  • Built-in monitoring and alerting capability – enabling measurement of system behaviour, performance/latency and reliability.
  • A simple programming model - all code is deterministic and therefore very easy to debug and extend.

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