Chronicle Microservices built specifically for the financial services industry

A set of fully configurable, customisable microservices modules



Bookbuilder consumes market data from multiple sources and calculates and produces market depth ladders at both aggregated and per-venue levels.



PositionManager creates multi-level, hierarchical book positions from trade data, and calculates associated risk metrics.



Pricer provides extensible price construction capability, with support for multiple proprietary pricing algorithms, input sources and events.



Hedger provides an extensible auto-hedging capability. Clients can use Chronicle’s own basic hedgers out of the box or embed their own proprietary hedging algorithms within the Hedger framework.

Chronicle Microservices built for the financial services industry

The Chronicle Microservices modules can be deployed either as individual microservices, linked together with Chronicle Queues, or co-located within the same process.  All of the Chronicle Microservices modules have been built using the Chronicle software stack, providing:

  • Low latency and high-performance Java, with microsecond per message latency, and a throughput of 100k messages per second.
  • High availability and resilience - multiple components on multiple machines are supported with transparent replication*.
  • Built-in monitoring and alerting capability – enabling measurement of system behaviour, performance/latency and reliability.
  • A simple programming model - all code is deterministic and therefore very easy to debug and extend.

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Building Low Latency Microservices and Monoliths in Java discussed by Peter Lawrey on Youtube.

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