Chronicle Ring Buffer

Chronicle Ring Buffer acts as a Chronicle Queue reducing the jitter between the writer and reader by as much as 100 fold on the 99.99 percentile.

What is Chronicle Ring Buffer?

Chronicle Ring provides a high performance, multi-writer, multi-reader, zero garbage collection monitored ring buffer implementation which can be used in your application code, additionally, it allows the ring buffer to be accessed through two different implementations of the Chronicle Queue interface, this ensures that high percentiles latencies can be reduced quite significantly, in fact we have seen a 98% reduction in latency outlier events.

Chronicle Ring Buffer

How does it work?

When a Ring Buffer is created then any reader can block all writers, if a reader stops reading then this will eventually block writers. The number of readers is fixed, and they are all created when the ring buffer is created, when the underlying byte store is first written to, the readers will live for as long as the ring buffer. Backing the ring buffer with a persistent BytesStore (that is, one backed with a memory-mapped file) means it will be visible to multiple processes. All processes can write to, and read from, the ring buffer.


Chronicle Queue, 250K msgs/sec of 32 bytes

We execute 8 runs of 100sec each, each run writes ~800MB. Here we see high percentile pauses appearing. We can see that latencies are low and stable beneath the 99.97th percentile but, once there, they start to increase to the low milliseconds - 99.99 is ~2.5ms. Vertical axis is logarithmic.

Chronicle Queue Benchmark
Enterprise Chronicle Queue Benchmark

Enterprise Chronicle Queue backed with ring buffer, 250K msgs/sec of 32 bytes

With the ring buffer, pauses at high percentiles are drastically reduced the worst 99.99th percentile is under 5μs. Vertical axis is logarithmic.

These tests illustrate that the implementation of Chronicle Ring can produce reductions in outlier latencies by up to 98%.

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