Queue Zero

What is Queue Zero?

Queue Zero is a cut down Chronicle Queue, with a number of features removed, and a different API, designed to go as fast as possible. It is available in Java and C++.

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Queue Zero Features

Features that have been removed from Queue to ensure maximum performance from Queue Zero

No rolling

A memory mapped file is pre-allocated for the maximum size required

Only one appender instance is allowed, and there is no appender locking

Tailers and the Appender will use the same single memory mapping which will be closed when the queue is closed

Multiple tailers are supported, in the same or different processes

No indexing

Latency gains between Queue and Queue Zero

Queue Zero have seen latency gains in of around 200 nanosecond over our standard Chronicle Queue for write of 40 byte messages:

Chronicle Queue Standard 250ns

Queue Zero Java 59ns

Queue Zero C++ 50ns

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