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Open Source Map

Chronicle Map works like a standard java map yet it automatically distributes data between processes, these processes can be both on the same server or across your network. In other words it's a low latency, huge data key-value store, which can store terabytes of data locally to your process.
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Open Source Queue

Chronicle Queue is a persisted low-latency messaging framework for high performance and critical applications, it can be used for low latency Interprocess communication (IPC) without affecting your system performance this can be useful when transferring large amounts of data between processes. It is a "record everything store" which can read with microsecond real-time latency and supports even the most demanding low latency trading systems.
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Chronicle Decentered What is Chronicle Decentered? Chronicle Decentred is a framework for building a peer to peer Secure Scalable Microservices on Distributed Ledger Technology. The purpose of this library is to make it easy to create many high throughput microservices which can be run in a decentralised manner. Learn more about Chronicle Decentered Decentered Open…

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