Chronicle Update Nov 2019

Commercial Update

Chronicle Contained brings microsecond latency real-time transaction processing to the cloud. In meeting the needs of financial services organisation Chronicle Contained delivers an out of the box solution, providing a complete end to end Order Management / Smart Order Routing systems, Broker Gateways and a highly resilient matching engine, utilizing market leading Chronicle components. The use cases for Chronicle Contained range from traditional bank trading systems through to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and many others.

Technical Updates
A major feature of Chronicle Queue Enterprise is support for TCP and UDP replication across multiple servers to ensure high availability of client infrastructure, whilst there may be inherent latencies within the network, we want to ensure that Queue replication adds minimal overheads. Below is a chart which shows how long it takes to write a 40 byte message then write replicate over TCP have a second acknowledged receipt and finally have the thread read the acknowledged message. The results show that typical latencies varied between 14 and 40 microseconds and the 99th percentile varied between 17 and 56 microseconds dependent on throughput being tested

Support Update

On the 5th December we are running a Lunch & Learn with Peter Lawrey “Making the the most of Chronicle Queue” this will be a hands on session in which Peter will look at and review low latency design principles. The event will take place at 68 Lombard St, LONDON, EC3V 9LJ
Places are limited please register here

Andrew Twigg

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Persisted messaging framework that handles massive throughput. Delivers superior control of outliers, and replicates easily across hosts.