Chronicle Update April 2019

Commercial Update

In late April we attended Tradetech in Paris where we met with many clients and prospects, one major topics of discussion was around our FIX solution and the requirements to migrate away from an incumbent provider suchas QuickFIX. QuickFix has been adopted by many clients because it was “free” and easy to setup, as their business has grown the inherent latency within the product has started to cause problems to their execution and become a cost to the business. We were able to demonstrate how our experience in migrating organisations away from QuickFIX meant that the process can be done seamlessly and with no disruption to the trading desk.

Technical Updates
We are seeing growing interest from many open source clients who wish to evaluate Chronicle Queue Zero as it can offer an even lower latency solution, as part of the evaluation clients will normally request that we produce benchmarks based on actual use cases, this will then give them an indication of performance before going ahead with integration and testing. A recent example of this was from a New York Based Tier 1 bank who asked if we could produce some benchmarks based on several different message sizes, they also requested that we do this in C++ and Java as interoperability was a very important feature, the test was based on a throughput of 100,000 messages per second

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Andrew Twigg

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