Chronicle Update August 2019

Commercial Update

At Chronicle we have a well deserved reputation for helping clients in the low latency trading environment but we are now seeing an increase in interest from clients who want to use Chronicle Queue as a capture mechanism to ensure that no data is ever lost. Chronicle Queue takes a deterministic approach to data capture which ensures that all data is captured even data that currently seen as not required, this then offers futureproofing about any data that becomes a requirement. This data capture helps clients with their ongoing reulatory commitments around MiFID II and Dodd Frank. To read more about how Chronicle are helping our clients with these issues read Peters’ latest blog
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Technical Updates

Although we are branching out and Chronicle is being used throughout the enterprise our major commitment is still around latencies and helping organisations to continual improve the latencies within their applications Below is a bespoke benchmark that we ran for one of our prospects to illustrate how Queue Zero would operate with different packet sizes. The testing was based on read/write of 100,000 messages per second and the chart shows that even at 99.9% (worst 1 in 1000) Queue Zero was still able to process a relatively large 1500 byte packets in under 0.4 microsecond and a 64 byte packet at under 0.2 microsecond

end to end latency

Andrew Twigg

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