RUST language addition to Chronicle Queue Enterprise

A multi-language offering

RUST language addition

We’re excited to announce that Chronicle Queue Enterprise is now available in multiple programming languages to ensure maximum user flexibility and interoperability with other data processing applications.

Already accessible as fully native Java, C++ and Python libraries, Chronicle Queue is also now available in Rust, with GoLang in development – all versions are fully binary compatible.

Used extensively by leading global institutions, Chronicle Queue Enterprise is a “record everything” message queue providing sub microsecond write-to-read latencies. It can be used for rapid Interprocess Communication, and is tailored to the transfer and storage of large amounts of data in low-latency environments, where rapid recording and sharing of information is essential.

Why switch to Chronicle Queue Enterprise?

  • User flexibility and choice

In response to client demand for more flexibility in the choice, Chronicle Queue Enterprise can be directly used with multiple programming and scripting languages – Java, C++, Python and Rust. 

Rust is a rapidly growing systems programming language focusing on safety, speed, and concurrency, and  seeing a surge in popularity across many industries. 

Python is a higher-level language which prioritises ease of use and which is used extensively across rapid prototyping and algorithmic development, scientific computing, and data analysis.

  • Interoperability 

In addition to greater developer choice and flexibility, multi-language Chronicle Queue Enterprise’s single, asynchronous messaging framework enables data to be ‘normalised’ and processed seamlessly between multiple applications, whilst maintaining high performance runtimes and without risk of lost data, or any loss of performance and speed.  

This approach enables users to effectively future proof business operations by deploying increasingly platform – and system-agnostic software solutions.

  • Performance 

Chronicle Queue supports throughputs of millions of events per second, with stable, sub microsecond latencies.  Compared against Chronicle’s original open-source Java Queue, the C++ and Rust variants show lower latencies and tighter jitter, with Python queue a little higher reflecting the fact that it is an interpreted language.

Benchmarks are shown below:

chronicle queue benchmarkschronicle queue benchmarks

For further information, you can now access technical documentation for each language:

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