Chronicle Software

High-tech trading platforms can be challenging and time-consuming to build and maintain. By leveraging Chronicle's low-latency software components and expertise, we can help you get up and running quickly - follow the steps below. 


Docs and Code Examples

Our technical documentation and extensive code examples provide a good overview of the capabilities of our software. The tech-savvy are also free to dive into any details of interest.

Video Tutorials

We also provide concise video tutorials no longer than a few minutes. Each tutorial offers a glance of the core Chronicle capabilities, such as failover and performance monitoring.



Get a Hands-On Introduction

As a next step, we encourage you to set up a free demo call with one of our low-latency experts. The session is tailored to your interests, to best answer relevant questions about our FIX stack, Queue Enterprise or event-driven services.


Real Life Implementation

To get the full picture of how our products will perform in your environment, we are happy to engage with you in an initial proof-of-concept. The scope of such a project varies; from simple showcasing, to bespoke solutions that can act as a basis for further development.



Buying From Us

Chronicle's pricing has two main elements; the cost of the software subscription and the cost to implement it in your organisation. The easiest way to obtain a quote is to contact us to discuss your business requirements.

Our Customers