FIX Solution at Global Bank

Chronicle FIX Rolled out Worldwide by Market Leading Bank


When one of the leading global banks in Asia sought to replace its incumbent global FIX solution, it had a number of specific connectivity and infrastructure criteria that had to be met by a new solution. Chief amongst these was a desire to eradicate significant and spiralling costs from the session-based charging associated with the existing service model. Other core requirements were that the solution should be fully integrated within and across the bank’s global transaction processing infrastructure operating model and that it must offer ‘follow the sun’ vendor support aligned with its global trading activity.


Implementing Chronicle’s market-leading, microsecond-latency, mission-critical, multi-asset FIX Engine software enabled this major global bank to remove £5 million a year in FIX-related charges from its operating costs. At the same time, direct collaborative engagement with Chronicle Software’s FIX experts ensures that the solution is improved continuously based on the bank’s user experience, ultimately benefiting all of Chronicle’s FIX Engine clients.

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