Chronicle Update October 2019

Commercial Update

We are seeing continuing growth of clients purchasing our Chronicle FIX Engine, recent successes have include a major European Bank who have taken Chronicle FIX within their FX Group after extensive testing and benchmarking against our competitors. There were many factors why Chronicle FIX was chosen above our competition these included superior performance, simple licensing model, provision of source code and exceptional technical support.
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Technical Updates

Chronicle Ring provides a high performance, multi-writer, multi-reader, zero garbage collection monitored ring buffer implementation which can be simply added to your Chronicle Queue (Enterprise and Open Source) code. The addition of Chronicle Ring can reduce outlier latencies by a factor of 200 in the example below we reduced 99.99% (one in a 1000 messages) from 2.5 milliseconds to 5 microseconds and improved latencies across the benchmark Chronicle Queue, 250K msgs/sec of 32 bytes

We use JLBH to send a sustained number of 32-byte messages per second which are timestamped then written into a Chronicle Queue , the below charts show 8 runs of 100sec each and each run writes ~800MB

.8 runs of 100sec each and each run writes ~800MB

8 runs of 100sec each and each run writes ~800MB

Andrew Twigg

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The fastest Java FIX Engine on the market with microseconds latency. Trusted by top-tier banks and funds with thousands of deployed sessions globally.


Data Processing

Chronicle Queue Enterprise

Persisted messaging framework that handles massive throughput. Delivers superior control of outliers, and replicates easily across hosts.