Chronicle Update May 2020

Commercial Update

At Chronicle we are running a series of Webinars to help give some insight into best practice around using Chronicle open source and Enterprise products. The first in the series was an open opportunity to ask Peter any questions around Chronicle products and more generally developing within Java, these questions have now been transcribed and form part of our FAQ section on the website

The two most recent webinars have been based on the theme of designing and then benchmarking low latency microservices using Chronicle Queue, both webinars were very well attended and again are intended to be interactive, these have both been recorded and can be accessed via our Chronicle Performance Engineer group on Linkedin

Our next webinar is on June 4th at 4PM BST and is in conjunction with our partner 3Forge please register here

Technical Update

Chronicle Ring Buffer is a high performance multi -writer multi-reader that is designed to reduce tail latencies within Chronicle Queue, we have been working to improve Ring Buffer and therefore the performance of both Queue Enterprise and open source, it can help reduce latencies around such events as the Queue rolling.
Below are some new benchmarks that show how Ring Buffer has a significant impact on reducing the latencies across the whole benchmarks  especially around the 99.99 percentile (on average just over 300 microseconds on each run ), the benchmarks were measuring write to read latency at 50,000 messages per second all timings are in microseconds

For more information about how Chronicle Ring Buffer can help you please contact

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