Chronicle Update May 2019

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Commercial Update

Chronicle Decentred provides the application of Java microservices on a secure decentralized clustering framework over a distributed ledger technology, a traditional database requires trust in all those who access however Decentred can be run between organizations without needing to trust those running the service opening up opportunities to share information and applications. Chronicle Decentered is able to facilitate these interactions because it has built in Byzantine Fault Tolerant consensus in which up to one-third of the nodes can actively try to defraud the application in a coordinated manner and still operate correctly making it possible to share data in ways not previously possible.

Other features of Decentred include support for any number of tokens, arbitrary applications in Java, arbitrary state unlike existing Blockchain, arbitrary number of chains working together ensuring scalability, 256- bit cryptographic security and proven up to 400,000 transactions per second depending on configuration.

We have recently entered into a redistribution agreement with a large consultancy organization who played a leading role in developing a cashless transaction solution in the Nordics which now has over 6 million users, they see Chronicle Decentred as central to their blockchain strategy for clients globally and are currently engaged in several projects including payment systems, supply chain management, exchanges utilizing the Decentred technology.

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Technical Updates

We recently ran some benchmarking of transfer of value between two wallets, the benchmark was run on one machine that was simulating the transfer across a cluster of 3 nodes. The simulation was based on performing 600,000 transactions between the two wallets and the average performance was around 141,000 transactions per second compared with Visa that runs at approximately 24,000 transactions per second. This benchmark was based on single chain however we can support more chains which would improve the throughput

This demo and several other videos by Peter can be viewed on You Tube at :-


Support Update

We have expanded our support offering that enables us to offer skilled and experienced support for all our open source software, this support will provide that peace of mind that you are always able to talk to an expert in the event of any outage saving both time and money

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