Chronicle Update March 2019

Commercial Update

We are pleased to announce that Chronicle will be attending Europe’s leading trading technology show Tradetech in Paris on the 24th and 25th April, we will be at Booth 33 and would be happy to discuss how we are helping financial institutions achieve greater throughput and lower latencies within their Automated Trading Environment. In addition, we will be able to provide more insight into our recent developments around C++ and how this is helping clients achieve greater results around interoperability between languages plus discuss our planned roadmap including Python and C#. We look forward to seeing you.

Technical Updates

We have recently completed benchmarking the latest version of Chronicle FIX against QuickFIX, the test was based around how quickly each engine could process messages at a rate of 10,000 messages per second. The chart below illustrates that Chronicle FIX outperformed QuickFIX across the whole benchmark but we can see it is at the 99.9%ile (1 message in every 1000) that the difference is of a magnitude of over 55x faster. This huge discrepancy in processing messages at such a regular frequency can lead to many different business problems and could end up costing money and losing clients who seek more efficient execution.
Please contact us if you wish to discuss the methodology and see the results in more depth.

Andrew Twigg

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