Chronicle Update July 2019

Commercial Update

Due to a global client engagement for Chronicle FIX we are currently in the process of adding to our database of test cases and sample cases, this allows us to work with clients in a pre-sales environment to solve real business issues before commencing on an evaluation of our FIX Engine, these test cases are available in our GitHub repositories and access can easily be granted. This has also added to our examples to ease migration away from QuickFix making it even easier to swap out ageing inefficient FIX Engines.
We are happy to work with you to build examples across our enterprise product range to help solve any specific problems Please contact me on

Technical Updates

Working in conjunction with Lenovo in order to optimize Chronicle software we have been given access to the Lenovo test labs to run some benchmark numbers. The benchmark is based on the throughput of read/writes of 60 byte messages and gives some insight into how Chronicle Queue is able to handle bursts of messages. Our highest read/write throughput for Chronicle Queue of 106 million writes per second and 121 million reads per second on a dual Gold 6240 Lenovo server, this is around double the throughput we have seen in previous generation Skylake servers. The chart below illustrates example throughputs depending on threads used

Andrew Twigg

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