Chronicle Update January 2020

Commercial Update

One of the main focus for us at Chronicle in 2020 and beyond is to migrate a significant propotion of our technology solutions into the cloud in line with this aim we are pleased to announce the first cloud deployed client platform. The cryptocurrency exchange uses several Chronicle products including Queue Enterprise, Map Enterprise and Microservices framework, this has all been packaged into Docker to enable efficient cloud deployment. The exchange is now in pre production and is currently running trading competitions with a view to going live in early April. We are also continue to develop a deployment strategy using both Kubernetes and Open Shift and will have more information around these in Q2.
If you wish to know more about how we can help deploy you low latency transaction platforms in the cloud contact .
Technical Updates
As part of an ongoing evaluation with one of our clients we have produced some benchmarks within Chronicle FIX to simulate a real world scenario, as with all our demos and benchmarks these are available within our GitHub repository. The scenario we were given was, there are three processes, the client process, a proxy and an endpoint. The client process has 1 to 100 clients in it and drives all the NewOrderSingles, the proxy process takes the NewOrderSingles and times their read to write times (T2 – T1) and passes the message to the endpoint, it also takes ExecutionReports and times their read to write times (T4 – T3) and passes the messages to the client. As the chart shows we managed to optimize the FIX Engine regardless of number of clients

FIX socket latency

Support Update
We have recently upgraded our Linkedin group Chronicle Performance Engineers , this will now be the place for registered members to pick up exclusive content from Peter and the other members of Chronicle Technical team, plus seek help and support from the Chronicle team and our users please register at

Andrew Twigg

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