Chronicle Update January 2019

Welcome to our newsletter giving you an update on Chronicle Software. We provide professional services and world-leading java libraries to enhance automated trading capabilities for a multitude of global financial services organizations.

Commercial Update

We have had a very strong start to 2019 and whilst enabling our business to grow it has also helped us push forward with some very exciting developments :

  • C++- We recently signed an agreement with a large Tier One Bank who contracted to procure our Enterprise software to be used within a trading environment. In addition to securing this new business, we were delighted to take our relationship even further by working closely with the client to jointly develop C++ versions of our software suite. The first realization of this development is the launch Chronicle Queue Zero and we are on target to release a full C++ version of Chronicle Queue in the coming months, scheduled for early Q2
  • Blockchain- Our Blockchain product “DeCentred” has been chosen as the core infrastructure for a new Asian Cryptocurrency exchange. We have been developing a fully functional Proof of Concept with the client and are now in a position to start to develop a fully working prototype over the next few months with a view to completion and launch by Q4 2019. Furthermore, we are also working with several partners who are looking to use DeCentred to develop new their new payment systems.

We would be delighted to hear from you to discuss the benefits of our products to your business.

Technical Updates

Chronicle Queue Zero first in a series of new products that not only builds on our expertise in Java but also opens up new opportunities with a C++ option, allowing systems to share persisted data between Java and C++ processes in a low latency environment

Queue Zero is a stripped back version of Queue and has been designed in conjunction with our latency-sensitive clients to ensure that whilst we still provide the core stability of Chronicle Queue we deliver our lowest latency software ever.

Clients have seen latency gains in of around 200 nanoseconds over our standard Chronicle Queue for write of 40-byte messages:-

Chronicle Queue Standard                                       250ns

Queue Zero Java                                                         59ns

Queue Zero C++                                                          50ns

Support Update

We have expanded our support offering that enables us to offer skilled and experienced support for all our open source software, this support will provide that peace of mind that you are always able to talk to an expert in the event of any outage saving both time and money.

Please contact us on to discuss how Chronicle can help you.

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