Chronicle Update December 2019

Commercial Update

We held our inaugaral Lunch and Learn on the 5th December the topic was “Making the most out of Chronicle Queue” the event was very well attended and proved to be very interactive. Peter was able to demonstrate some live coding and also illustrate how Chronicle methodologies allow users to reduce development efforts and time to markets, if you require a copy of the powerpoint and access to the Git repositories please contact me directly
We hope that 2019 has been a successful year for you , here at Chronicle we have seen revenues grow by almost 50% and we have increased our user base in both our Enterprise and Open Source products. There are some exciting changes planned to the Chronicle product suite for 2020 as we continue to develop and consolidate our offerings, wishing everyone a Happy Holidays and prosperous 2020

Technical Updates
We have carried out some benchmark tests that measure asynchronous replication over TCP/IP, the messages are sent from one queue to another replicated queue which is tailed by another process as below

The test was done on standard consumer hardware with 12-byte messages and we can see that at the 99th percentile the messages took just over 5 microseconds and even 99.97 (1 in 3,000) it was around 23 microseconds

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