Chronicle Software opens Singapore office to meet growing demand and FX opportunities

Singapore, Sydney, London, New York – 20 October 2020 – The changing dynamics of the currency markets in the Asia-Pacific region is driving trading venues and market participants to invest in trading infrastructure to compete. Chronicle Software (Chronicle), a multi-asset low latency trading software provider, has expanded its global footprint with an office in Singapore to serve as an additional local base to support these requirements across the region.

In line with the region’s rapid development, the diverse currency markets in Asia are continuing to show strong growth. Over the last four years, Chronicle has seen increasing demand from local trading venues and market participants needing to build low latency, high performance trading capability to capitalise on these opportunities.

Chronicle combines fast, reliable and scalable low latency trading software with the commercial model that passes the source code to the client, allowing them to build their own IP over Chronicle’s high performant core infrastructure components.

This is a unique proposition that takes away the build or buy decision for financial institutions, giving them the best of both worlds. It helps them to build new, faster trading workflows in a fraction of the time and cost, and without the risk of traditional models.

The Singapore office will firmly establish Chronicle’s longstanding Asia-Pacific presence, where it already supports several large clients. Recent projects include:

  • New Malaysian cryptocurrency exchange, developed with Chronicle
  • Platform enhancements for two global cryptocurrency exchanges headquartered in the region
  • Infrastructure to support FX Trading for a major regional bank

Peter Lawrey, CEO of Chronicle Software: “This is a very exciting time for Chronicle, Asia-Pacific has been a major contributor to our recent growth. This new office puts us close to the market so we can continue to provide the best possible service and expand across both the region and asset classes.” He added “We are currently hiring so please do get in touch.”

The Singapore office, along with the existing office in Australia supports Chronicle’s goals to create strong development and support centres worldwide, close to its customers and the major electronic marketplaces.

With an open source heritage, Chronicle software underpins the most demanding, sub-millisecond trading applications for some of the world’s largest financial institutions – investment banks, hedge funds and crypto exchanges. It provides complex yet routine core trading infrastructure using a microservices approach, providing a framework to free up developers to build custom capabilities that drive the greatest value.

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About Chronicle Software

Headquartered in London, Chronicle Software was founded in 2013 by Peter Lawrey, the design authority and technical architect behind the Chronicle software stack. With an open source heritage firmly rooted in low latency trading, Chronicle software underpins the most demanding, sub-millisecond trading applications for some of the world’s renowned financial institutions and trading venues.

Our open source software attracts 12 million downloads per year, while its enterprise solutions are seeing rapid adoption by investment banks, hedge funds and crypto exchanges worldwide due to its unique business model that takes away the build or buy decision.

Chronicle allows trading firms to buy and build. They can buy core trading infrastructure – the parts that have been built and proven – to leverage a low latency, high performance framework. They then build custom capabilities that give them the competitive edge, keeping the IP within their team. The source code is supplied for a one-off license fee, driving significant annual cost savings compared to traditional models, with a faster time to market and faster return on investment.

As the company has grown, Peter has assembled some of the best Java engineers and subject matter experts in the industry, to deliver the most challenging requirements facing financial markets. Chronicle has rapidly gained a reputation for delivering market-leading, high-performance trading technology solutions to some of the world’s most demanding firms. We lift the performance restrictions on how firms design, manage, and monitor systems, and free them to focus on their business.

At Chronicle we are always pushing the bar to meet new customer challenges and support the financial markets of the future. We continue to prioritise significant investment into research and development, both on our existing technology stack and in new technologies and paradigms.

Consistently ensuring we are building the fastest, smartest and most agile solutions.


Andrew Twigg

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