Chronicle release low latency microsevices in the cloud

Chronicle Contained brings microsecond latency real-time transaction processing to the cloud. In meeting the needs of financial services organisation Chronicle Contained delivers an out of the box solution, providing a complete end to end Order Management / Smart Order Routing systems, Broker Gateways and a highly resilient matching engine, utilizing market leading Chronicle components. The use cases for Chronicle Contained range from traditional bank trading systems through to Cryptocurrency Exchanges and many others.
Chronicle Contained provides multiple benefits to an organization who are looking to quickly deploy a real-time transactional cloud application, for example a fully customizable FX trading solution. These include:-

Low Latency – 99.9% performance in the low microsecond and monitorability included to provide performance metrics
Deterministic Testing – Our unique deterministic testing model and live upgrade functionality ensures that development and deployment times are minimized

High Throughput – Consistent throughput of over 100,000 transactions per second

Multiple Connectivity – Connectivity to Chronicle Contained is via REST, Websockets , Direct TCP and FIX

Cloud Architected – Chronicle Contained is fully tested on AWS and will also be available on Alibaba, Google Cloud and Azure.

From our long pedigree in serving the largest global banks, we understand that in addition to ease of deployment and efficiency of trading, high availability is essential to any trading system or exchange and to ensure this Chronicle Contained includes a comprehensive live upgrade, failover and restart strategy. The live upgrade allows the running of two versions of the software at the same time and there is a seamless transition between versions when the system is live, this ensure ease of upgrade and system manageability. The backup allows for transparent switch over between primary, secondary or tertiary and this switch over occurs on the failure of one or more system, to ensure that no messages are lost processing of messages will only restart after replication has been acknowledged.
Chronicle Contained is designed to provide a lower latency solution specifically concentrating on failover and upgrades to ensure that we can support the most stringent SLAs 24×7 and 99.999% uptime. Chronicle Contained is a pure Java solution running on Oracle JDK, OpenJDK or Azul Zulu. In addition Chronicle Contained can be used in conjunction with our Distributed Ledger Technology

Andrew Twigg

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