Chronicle Queue Replication with Varying Packet Sizes

Benchmarks have a natural lifespan that can be improved with more modern hardware. This benchmark was performed on October 7 2020. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have questions about how Chronicle Queue will perform today.

Chronicle Queue Enterprise is designed to provide low latency replication of the queues across a network. We run frequent benchmarks to optimise the replication both by adjusting the number of messages sent, and the message size.

Recently, we benchmarked replicating various packet sizes at a constant rate of 50,000 messages per second. he resulting typical (50%-percentile) and 99.9% percentile were measured for end-to-end replication:

All tests used -DTcpEventHandler.tcpBufferSize=134217728.

More information about this benchmark and the underlying code can be found here. To access this repository please contact

Andrew Twigg

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