Chronicle Queue Released for Linux ARM64

Chronicle Queue Released for Linux ARM64

Chronicle Queue Released for Linux ARM64

Chronicle Queue

Chronicle Queue is a persisted low-latency messaging framework for high performance and critical applications. Designed to be a “record everything store” Chronicle Queue provides sub-microsecond latency supporting the most demanding applications. It can be used in any application where the recording, distribution, analysis, or processing of information is a concern.

Linux, ARM64

Based on a RISC design philosophy, ARM processors provide high performance while consuming relatively low power. Used throughout the mobile industry, in recent years following the introduction of ARM v8-A architecture and the emergence of server-grade processors, there has been growing interest in ARM-based servers in the Enterprise server market. Alongside this, the use of ARM technology in Apple Silicon has generated complementary demand for ARM64 support when running Linux within a VM on macOS. Chronicle Queue is now natively supported on Linux ARM64, alongside the following options:

Chronicle Queue Released for Linux ARM64


Chronicle Queue for Linux ARM64 and other platforms can be downloaded today from our Portal:

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