Chronicle Software Joins Advisory Board

Foojay is the central resource for the OpenJDK community’s daily ​information needs, a place for friends of OpenJDK and a community platform for the Java ecosystem – bringing Java professionals together. We love the work the Foojay team do and are immensely proud to now be a part of the Foojay advisory board. Chronicle Software: “Foojay is an open and independent marketplace of ideas and curated information relating to the JVM, and as such is immensely useful for the entire community. We are very happy to support Foojay however we can and are delighted to be part of the Foojay Board.— Jerry Shea, Chronicle Software MD, APAC

Foojay Advisory Board

There are several organizations that make up the Foojay Advisory Board. They hold periodic meetings on Foojay’s roadmap and direction. OpenJDK technology organizations that actively contribute content to Foojay are welcome to join the Foojay Advisory Board.

Advisory Board Growth

A key aspect to highlight is that the Advisory Board has grown over the past 6 months, with 5 new organizations being added, and now there are 17 in total. Here they are, together with a great quotation from each organization, really showing how well aligned we all are in relation to the Friends of OpenJDK community.
Gradle: “From the outset, open source has been central to Gradle, starting with the build tool and now encompassing a program through which we contribute our commercial Gradle developer acceleration tools to open source endeavors and institutions. It’s wonderful to observe Foojay’s emergence as a leading provider of impartial, curated content and insights on all aspects of open source Java. The ecosystem truly needs this, and it will undoubtedly reap substantial benefits from it.— Vincent Mayers, Director of Community Operations, Gradle
OmniFish: “At OmniFish, we want to be part of the Java and Jakarta EE communities by giving back and being active participants. We like to share our knowledge and expertise, and work with other developers and industry leaders to create new ideas and improve the Java ecosystem. By joining the Advisory Board, we hope to connect with like-minded individuals, share our ideas, and work together to improve the Java ecosystem. We look forward to contributing to the ongoing development and growth of the Java and Jakarta EE communities which is already happening at— Ondro Mihalyi, OmniFish Founder
Sonatype: “Since its inception, Sonatype has been passionate about open source, with particularly deep roots in the Java community. It’s an honour to be part of the Foojay Board. We hope to continue to help the community grow and adapt to all the challenges the future brings. Steve Poole, Director of Developer Advocacy, Sonatype
Yugabyte: “Developers increasingly rely on PostgreSQL and YugabyteDB for powering their backend applications, Cloud native services, and ultimately, advancing their careers. We view Foojay as an exceptional platform where developers can enhance their understanding of databases to create more robust and high-performance applications. Denis Magda, Head of Developer Relations at Yugabyte
For the full quotes for each of the above, see How does an organization become a Advisory Board member? The mechanism is similar to the “doacracy” of the Apache Software Foundation. If one or more people from an organization are actively collaborating in one way or another in the context of, e.g., publishing content on Foojay Today, sharing or integrating their content into the site, or showing enthusiasm and involvement in some other way, they’re approach to see whether their organization as a whole wants to align with Foojay. That means that there’s an organization-level commitment to the community goals underpinning Foojay, such as is clear from the quotes above, together with a regular cadence of content finding its way from that organization to Foojay. No money is involved at all, no “pay for play”, simply an alignment of intentions with those of Foojay, with the logo of the organization being published together with an affirming quotation, sealing the already existing relationship that one or more individuals in the organization have with the intentions of the Foojay community. For the full Foojay Status Report, July 2023, read here.

Jasmine Taylor

Jasmine Taylor is a Technical Author at Chronicle Software, after switching careers from Education into Tech. She is now putting her love for learning into software development, and into helping to break down technical concepts to a wide range of audiences.

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