Chronicle Datagrid vs Hazelcast IMDG

Chronicle Datagrid our in memory Datagrid solution (IMDG) and as part of the launch we have run some benchmarks against Hazelcast 4.0 IMDG with some very promising results, across most of the benchmark we were at least 50% faster but it is around the 99.99% where we see significant improvements
In the following benchmark, we have set-up a remote Map that holds 100,000 key/value pairs where the key is the name of a security (i.e. ticker) and the value is the opening, high, low and closing price for a security. Separate tests are run on Chronicle Datagrid and Hazelcast IMDG  whereby the roundtrip delay is measured. Measurements were made at 10,000 requests per second over ten seconds

Chronicle Datagrid and Hazelcast IMDG

Chronicle Datagrid and Hazelcast IMDG

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