The AWS Instance Benchmarking Tool

The AWS Instance Benchmarking Tool is an innovative solution designed to assess and measure the performance of various AWS instance configurations by combining size and disk storage elements. 

"Upgrade your AWS usage with our AWS Instance Benchmarking Tool, your one-stop solution for comprehensive, accurate, and cost-effective benchmarking on the cloud.."

- Peter Lawrey, CEO


Comprehensive Analysis

This tool tests a preconfigured collection of instance types to deliver a comprehensive analysis tailored to your needs. An incorporated script efficiently deploys and executes benchmarks across many hosts, mitigating variations and providing a more reliable and consistent output.

Beyond merely collecting benchmark results, our tool integrates seamlessly with AWS S3, storing all generated data securely in an S3 volume. This allows for easy access, retrieval, and further analysis whenever necessary.


Compare the Performance of Instances

A standout feature of our benchmarking tool is its inbuilt safeguard mechanism. This precautionary feature is designed to halt instance operations that extend beyond a designated duration, effectively preventing unforeseen costs and optimising your AWS usage.

You can select from different file system types based on your requirements, offering flexibility and the potential for more granular testing. The tool also permits a selection among various data centres globally, enabling you to assess and compare the performance of instances across diverse geographical locations.

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