Zero-Allocation Hashing

Chronicle's Zero-Allocation Hashing provides a fast hashing service requiring no GC

What is Zero-Allocation Hashing?

Chronicle's Zero-Allocation Hashing aims to provide a hashing API with no object allocation and hence no garbage collection (GC) required. It provides implementations of xxHash, farmhashna and farmhsahuo from FarmHash, CityHash and MurmurHash3.

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Chronicle Zero-Allocation Hashing Features

Fast hashing algorithms

No GC as no object allocation is done

Provides implementations of: xxHash, farmhashna and farmhashuo from FarmHash, CityHash, MurmurHash3

Platform-endianness-agnostic which provides consistent results whatever the byte order

Get Zero-Allocation Hashing

You can download Chronicle Zero-Allocation Hashing Directly from Mavern Central

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