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Extremely fast, centralised, Java logger that doesn't slow down your system

Chronicle Logger is able to aggregate all your logs to a central store; it has built-in resilience, so you will never lose messages.

What is Chronicle Logger?

Chronicle Logger supports most of the standard logging APIs including slf4j, sun logging, common logging, log4j.

Most programs require the logging of large amounts of data; this is especially true in trading systems where it is a regulatory requirement. Loggers can affect your system performance, therefore logging is sometimes kept to a minimum, With Chronicle Logger we aim to eliminate this added overhead, freeing your system to focus on the business logic.

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Chronicle Logger

More Information

Maven: Download

Maven: Log4J 1 Download 

Maven: Log4J 2 Download

Maven: SLF4J Download

Maven: Logback Download

GitHub: Source Code

Source Code Documentation: JavaDoc

StackOverflow: Questions

Chronicle Logger Features

  • Log messages faster, without changing your logging API
  • Log without losing any data, even in the event of a system failure
  • Aggregate logs across libraries, processes or machines
  • Supports over one million messages per-second per-node
  • Multiple aggregating nodes to process your logs
  • Supports querying of messages and real-time event-driven processing of messages

How it works?

Chronicle uses a memory mapped file to continuously journal messages, chronicles file-based storage will slowly grow in size as more data is written to the queue, the size of the queue can exceed your available memory, you are only constrained by the amount of disk space you have on your server. Chronicle writes data directly into off-heap memory which is shared between java processes on the same server.

Chronicle is very fast, it is able to write and read a message in just two microseconds with no garbage. Typically at the end of each day, you archive the queue and start the next day with a fresh empty queue.

See the benefits of Chronicle's products in action

At Chronicle, we believe less is more. Learn more about why and how Chronicle can support your business and how it can increase efficiency and streamline your systems and workflows by speaking with one of our experts.

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