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Persist every single event and message recording each event to a memory mapped file.

  • High throughput (millions per second).
  • Low latency (micro-second) messaging, for ultra low GC applications
  • Rapid replay for fast restarts and testing.
  • Recreate the state of the system at any point to debug rare bugs and be able to prove the problem has been fixed.
  • Supporting live environments with 24 million persisted messages per second.
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Support distributed applications and key-value data stores

  • An off heap shared, persisted, replicated ConcurrentHashMap.
  • Store only one copy in memory for multiple JVMs. Changes in one JVM are available to another JVM within 50 nanoseconds. Locking between JVMs.
  • Replicated between machines in a cluster
  • Remote access
  • Supports 30 million put/gets per second.
  • Chronicle Map supports large data sets in each server. Supporting live environments storing more than 10 TB of data in a single ConcurrentMap.
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Chronicle FIX is a fully featured FIX engine which can handle all current versions of FIX and is faster than anything else on the market. Built on our Chronicle libraries, and with the Chronicle philosophy, it employs among others, the principles of:

  • Zero copy eliminates unnecessary trash collection resulting in significantly improved performance
  • Runtime code generation reducing code size for efficient CPU cache usage and increased speed.
  • Smart ordering with optimised parsing and increased speed and performance
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Chronicle Engine supports; Configuration, Distributed Applications, Messaging, Serialization, Reactive programming.

  • Supports building and wiring of objects with a simple configuration.
  • Remote access to those components for Java and C# and via mounting as an NFS file system as simple, way to access and manage your data.
  • Real time updates to live queries via a streams like API using lambdas. Write lambdas on the client to be executed on the server atomically or asynchronously, for any purpose.
  • Supports clustered applications and millions of distributed actors per server.
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Chronicle Set is a high performance, off-heap, in-memory, persisted set. Chronicle Set works like a standard Java set, yet it automatically distributes elements between processes.

  • Memory mapped file size is not constrained by physical memory remove the pauses for resizing.
  • If your data grid spans two or more processes on the same server, each process will share the same 4TB space; fine grain locking will ensure your data integrity.
  • Chronicle just uses memory, not TCP/IP loopback. Giving you outstanding performance. Data being transferred between processes in a staggering 40 nanoseconds.
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Chronicle Log is an extremely fast Java logger. We feel logging should not slow down your system.

  • Aggregate all your logs to a central store; it has built in resilience, so you will never lose messages.
  • Supports most of the standard logging APIs including slf4j, sun logging, commons logging, log4j.
  • Chronicle Logger can support over one million messages per-second per-node.
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Thread Affinity allows you to manage threads in a straightforward manner to overcome the latency issues sometimes apparent when using the thread scheduler.

  • Thread Affinity binds cores to threads from java, in a declarative way.
  • The same configuration will work on a variety of machines.
  • The library will find isolated CPUs, and assign the threads based on the rules you provide, on a best effort basis. If you don’t have isolated cores, it will find the best.
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