What’s the difference between blockchain and traditional databases?

The key difference between blockchain and traditional databases is the level of trust needed in those running the service. With blockchain, you trust the protocol, not those running it. What does a blockchain do? A blockchain records transactions without needing to trust any individual, organisation or computer, in a tamper-proof way (or pretty close). This…

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StringBuffer and getting rid of legacy code

In 2006, Java 5.0 was released with StringBuilder, a more light weight and sane version of StringBuffer. The Javadoc for Java 5.0 for StringBuffer notes As of release JDK 5, this class has been supplemented with an equivalent class designed for use by a single thread, StringBuilder. The StringBuilder class should generally be used in…

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Micro-services for performance

Overview Microservices is a buzz word at the moment. Is it really something original or based on established best practices? There are some disadvantages to the way microservices have been implemented, but can these be solved? Component testability and consistency Once you have assembled a large system, it can be hard or even impossible to…

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