Good development tools are important in raising productivity

TeamCity is an all-in-one pre-integrated solution for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment. It has some interesting features one of these is that team city lets you do a pre-tested commit, another great feature is the remote run. The Remote run, lets you send your changes to a TeamCity server, and then run a build, without performing an actual commit. You can safely modify your files while this personal build is running. You can also see the logs generated by your personal build, these logs are accessible directly from intellij idea. Personal builds are useful when you have a lot of functional tests which take a long time to run, or when you need to run your changes on several platforms with different software. The TeamCity build agents let you run your personal builds on different platforms in parallel and thus save a lot of time. IntelliJ IDEA provides out of the box support for many different languages and frameworks. Its a very capable IDE with great code completion and refactoring support, “sometimes it feels like IntelliJ IDEA is reading your mind :-)”. IntelliJ knows a lot about your code, when refactoring its able to track down and correct the affected code references automatically upsgxzn. Note : Open HFT can be run with other IDE’s and continuous integration systems